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Is Social Media Advertising Right For Me?

Since you’re reading this, we assume that you know that social media can be an effective advertising tool, but do you know why it’s so effective? We’re here to break down the benefits of social media advertising:

1. Targeting, Targeting, Targeting!

When you decide to advertise through mediums such as newspapers, billboards or bus stop benches, your ad can be viewed by anyone regardless of their age, gender identity, interests, etc. While this works great for services that may not rely on a super niche customer base, it can be harder for some brands to ensure reaching the right customer. When you are spending hard-earned money on an advertisement, you want to be certain that you are seeing a return on your investment.

This is where social media can aid in helping you reach your ideal customer. To a degree, you can hyper-target who you want to reach. You can choose their age range, gender, hobbies, education level and so much more! Your ad will be shown to people you’ve determined are most like to interact with your business.

If you’re struggling to determine your target audience, check out this past blog that can help you get started.

2. It’s Trackable

Social media platforms can track and measure your advertising data in real-time, therefore, campaign performance can be analyzed as it’s being delivered. This data can determine if your ad is successful or if it may need to be tweaked. This is a huge benefit because you don’t need to wait until the completion of a campaign to measure if it was a success or not.

Your ad can be adjusted on the fly to help you better reach your target audience and advertising goal.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) reflect crucial campaign information such as how many people have seen your ad and how many have actually interacted with it.

At Gabby girl, we specialize in analyzing and relaying KPIs to our clients to help them make educated marketing decisions. We can help business owners better understand their audience and create content that is relevant to their targeted consumers.

3. It Supports Different Visual Experiences

Photos, videos, virtual reality experiences and more! You name it, social media platforms probably support it. Using different types of content will help keep your audience engaged with your brand. Text/captions are important and have their time and place, however, most algorithms and users prefer visual content - especially video! We can thank platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok for the rise of visual creativity!

4. It's The Future

We are consumed by a digital age where technology is consistently changing, adapting and improving. Social media platforms have the ability to deliver specific and targeted messages in a capacity that wasn’t even possible 20 years ago. 2-way communication is easier and quicker than ever before. This allows brands to connect and build relationships with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

5. It’s Cost-Effective

Media marketing no longer has to be associated with high costs and campaigns that are only executed by multinational corporations. It isn’t prime time commercial slots or full page prints in the most popular magazines.

Marketing is now more affordable and more accessible than ever before and brands have more control over their marketing efforts. While it is dependent on a variety of factors, Facebook and Instagram ads can cost as little as $5 per day. Business owners are in the drivers seat. You can determine your own advertising budget.

While paid advertising is the most effective way to achieve your marketing goals, you don’t actually need to spend. This really benefits new and small businesses. You don’t have to pay to market on social media and build your brand presence. Most major platforms support free profiles where you can post organic content, build brand awareness and engage with your audience while generating leads.


At Gabby Girl Digital, we specialize in building and managing advertising campaigns on all major platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram and more! If you love running your social media accounts, but just need an extra hand on the advertising side, we offer great packages just for that. Just need some advice? Feel free to book a power strategy session where we can help get you started on handling your own advertising.

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